Our management team


As a successful family-run company, the Stiegelmeyer Group attaches great importance to a strong sense of personal responsibility and a cooperative relationship between managers and employees. We benefit from the experience, ideas and creative potential of all the people in our company. Everyone should be aware each day why he or she is important to Stiegelmeyer.


Our managers have the task of keeping sight of all of the common goals that we are working towards. The management of the Stiegelmeyer Group is open to innovation, works purposefully and solution-oriented and promotes the potential of its employees. We stand by what we say and promise - within the company as well as in our dealings with our customers.

Anja Kemmler

“I associate Stiegelmeyer with tradition, with a long history and with quality.”

Anja Kemmler, Chairwoman of the Shareholder Family
Georgios Kampisiulis Kemmler

“The future belongs to family-run companies like Stiegelmeyer. Our customers know that they can plan over the long-term with us.”

Georgios Kampisiulis Kemmler, Chairman of the Management Board
Ralf Wiedemann

“We are passionate about working to ensure the success of our customers.”

Ralf Wiedemann, Director of Domestic Sales
Reiner Rekemeier

“With homelike beds and modern technology we enhance the quality of life of people being cared for at home.”

Reiner Rekemeier, Managing Director of Burmeier
Ralf Strübig

“We always deliver the best product at a reasonable price.”

Ralf Strübig, Managing Director
Gunter Röper

“Strong in Germany, curious about our world, open to the needs of all markets – that’s Stiegelmeyer.”

Gunter Röper, Managing Director
Dirk Rathke

"Our modern, efficient production ensures a gentle and sustainable approach to the environment."

Dirk Rathke, Head of Technical Operations (Group)
Rainer Marsoun

"Wood is a fascinating raw material from which we create modern masterpieces. With our contract furniture, we can respond precisely to the wishes of our customers."

Rainer Marsoun, Head of Production Site Nordhausen
Peter Minnig

"Our innovative and economical products with high safety and quality are convincing in all sectors."

Peter Minnig, Head of R & D
Olaf Steuernagel

"With its technical expertise and market knowledge, product management is the important link between the wishes of our customers and our departments.“

Olaf Steuernagel, Head of Technical Product Management
Christoph Prevezanos

“In our communication, we rely on fast, clear information, which is based exactly on the requirements of our customers.”

Christoph Prevezanos, Head of Marketing & PR
Dorian Klusmann

“Our products meet the specific requirements of international markets.”

Dorian Klusmann, Export Manager
Andreas Held

“Our Service division looks after your beds and helps you optimise processes in your facility.”

Andreas Held, Head of Service
Gabriele Herfort

"Our employees are our greatest asset. We support them in their professional and personal development – if necessary also with targeted further training."

Gabriele Herfort, Head of Human Resources


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