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The Stiegelmeyer Group at a glance


The Stiegelmeyer Group produces high-quality beds and furniture for hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities and for caring at home. We also offer lifestyle beds for private customers and a comprehensive range of services. The company currently produces 100,000 beds per year with a workforce of some 1,000 people. The Group's headquarters is in Herford, Germany, and further production sites are located in Nordhausen in Thuringia, as well as in Stolno and Kepno in Poland.

Beds and furniture from Stiegelmeyer are a safe investment for every home. The company has been family-run since its foundation in 1900 and stands for quality and reliability - in Germany and worldwide. Distribution companies work in France, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland and South Africa. Stiegelmeyer products are exported to more than 100 countries. Stiegelmeyer focuses on state-of-the-art technology in its production and is also committed to protecting the environment.

Successful in over 100 countries

Over 100 years of experience

1,000 employees worldwide

8 distribution companies

Social and ecological commitment

We support our customers with practical products, solutions and services. The Stiegelmeyer Group is a technical pioneer in many areas and sets trends in areas such as digitisation, hygiene and design. We develop our products in close consultation with our customers.

  • family-run since the company was founded in 1900
  • more than 100,000 beds manufactured per year
  • product development and production in Germany
  • international certification and export to over 100 countries
  • sales subsidiaries in Belgium, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Poland, South Africa and China
  • over 1,000 employees worldwide
  • production of all core products in own factories
  • service, training and process optimisation at the customer's premises
  • seamless quality control of manufacturing processes and products

Tradition, continuity and vision

Our expertise

Our expertise